HC Deb 22 June 1836 vol 34 c718
Mr. Maclean

had seen in the daily journals a correspondence that had taken place between a clergyman of the Church of Eng land and the Commissioners of the Poor laws, respecting the allowing the inmates of workhouses to attend divine worship on Sundays in the parish church or elsewhere. In answer to the letter written by the clergy man in question, the Commissioners stated that these unfortunate persons were not to be allowed to attend such places of worship; but instead of this it appeared that they were to be confined within the walls of the workhouse, but that a chaplain was to attend to their spiritual wants. He wished to know from the noble Lord, whether the Poor-law Commissioners had the power to prevent the unfortunate inmates of workhouses from attending divine worship, either in the parish church or any other place that was more congenial to their feelings.

Lord John Russell

replied, that he had not seen the correspondence alluded to by the hon. Member, but would make inquiry into the subject, and give an answer at a future day.

Subject dropped.