HC Deb 13 June 1836 vol 34 cc489-90
Lord Ashley

called the attention of his Majesty's Government to a fact which he stated on the authority of a Yorkshire paper. It appeared in that paper according to the confession of the masters themselves, that five boys, of between twelve and fifteen years of age, had been made to work for thirty-four hours successively, in a shocking hole, devoted to the tearing up of woollen goods; the atmosphere of it was so noxious and offensive, that the men who worked in it were obliged to wear handkerchiefs tied over their mouths to prevent their inhaling the foul air. The fact was proved before the magistrates, and the masters, Messrs. Ibbetson, Battley, and Co., were convicted in the full penalty. They alleged, in extenuation of their conduct, that the steam boiler had burst; but this was, in fact, no excuse at all. What he wished to ask his noble Friend opposite was this—that he would have the goodness to direct the inspector of the district to visit the spot, to make inquiries and report to him, and that he would lay the Report upon the Table.

Lord John Russell

would take care that the inspector of the district should make every inquiry, and that his report should be communicated to the House.

Subject dropped.