HC Deb 03 June 1836 vol 34 c8

Bills. Read a second time:—Municipal Corporations (Scotland).

Petitions presented. By Mr. Alderman THOMPSON, from the Attornies of Sunderland for Repeal of Duty Certificates.—By several HON. MEMBERS from various places for Amendment of Factories Regulation Act.—By several MEMBERS from various places against Turnpike Trusts Consolidation Bill.—By Mr. LUCAS, from Monaghan, for Excise Licenses (Ireland) Bill.—By several HON. MEMBERS, from various places, that the House do adhere to the Provisions of Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Bill, as originally passed by the House.—By several How. MEMBERS, from various places for Abolition of Tithes (Ireland). —By Mr. GROTE, from the Stationers of London for a Drawback of the Duty on the Stocks in hand.—By Mr. BOLLING, from Bolton-le-Moors, for equalization of Duty on East and West-India Sugars.—By Mr. PARROTT, from the Dissenters of Totness for Abolition of Church Rates— By Mr. HOLLAND and SIR E. CODRINGTON, from several places for extension of time of repayment of Money borrowed for Building Workhouses—By Mr. SCARLETT, from Lewes, against Vote by Ballot.—By Dr. BOWRINO, from Fenwick, for Alteration of Law relating to Statute Labour (Scotland).—By Dr. BOWRING, from Fenwick, for Abolition of Flogging and Naval Impressment.—By SIR R. VIVIAN, from Medical Profession (Bristol), for remuneration for attending Coroner's Inquests, and from the Legislative Council of Lower Canada, against alteration of Timber Duties.—By Mr. LOCH, from Spirit Dealers of Kilmaud, in favour of Spirituous Liquors Bill; and from the Hand-Loom Weavers of Saltcoats and St. Quirose, for Regulation of Wages, and from Cature, against Salmon Fisheries Bill.