HC Deb 28 July 1836 vol 35 cc613-4

Mr. Poulter moved the third Reading of the Poole Corporation Bill.

Mr. Arthur

Trevor considered this to be the most unjustifiable Bill that had ever been introduced; it was a positive interference with the proceedings of another tribunal. He should not feel that he was doing his duty as a Representative of the people in Parliament, if he suffered this Bill to go to a third reading without doing his utmost to oppose it. He should divide the House.

The House divided:—Ayes 74; Noes 30: Majority 44.

Bill read a third time and passed.

List of the AYES.
Aglionby, H. A. M'Namara, Major
Bagshaw, J. North, F.
Baines, E. O'Connell, J.
Baldwin, Dr. O'Connell, M. J.
Bannerman, A. O'Connell, M.
Barclay, D. O'Loghlen, M.
Baring, F. T. Paget, F.
Barnard, E. G. Palmerston, Viscount
Beauclerk, Major Parrott, J.
Bernal, K. Pattison, J.
Bewes, T. Philips, M.
Blamire, W. Pinney, W.
Bowring, Dr. Potter, R.
Brabazon, Sir W. Price, Sir R.
Brotherton, J. Pryme, G.
Buller, C. Rolfe, Sir R. M.
Callaghan, D. Russell, Lord J.
Campbell, Sir J. Ruthven, E.
Chetwynd, Captain Seale, Colonel
Clay, W. Smith, J. A.
Crawford, W. Smith, R. V.
Denison, W. J. Stanley, E. J.
Donkin, Sir R. Thomson, rt. hn. C. P.
Ewart, W. Thompson, Colonel
Ferguson, Sir R. Townley, R. G.
Fergusson, R. Tulk, C. A.
Fielden, W. Villiers, C. P.
Grote, G. Wakley, T.
Harland, W. C. Warburton, H.
Harvey, D. W. Ward, H. G.
Hume, J. Wilbraham, G.
Hutt, W. Wilks, J.
Labouchere, rt. hn. H. Williams, W.
Leader, J. T. Wilmot, Sir J. E.
Lefevre, C. S. Young, G. F.
Lennard T. B.
Lennox, Lord G. TELLERS.
Lennox, Lord A. Parker, J.
Lushington, C. Poulter, J. S.
List of the NOES.
Alsager, Captain Gladstone, T.
Arbuthnot, hon. H. Goulburn, rt. hon. H.
Beckett, rt. hon. Sir J. Graham, rt. hon. Sir J.
Blackburne, J. Hale, R. B.
Bonham, R. F. Halford, H.
Brownrigg, S. Hamilton, G. A.
Canning, rt. hn. Sir S. Hardy, J.
Corbett, T. G. Herries, rt. hon. J. C.
Darlington, Earl of Hoy, J. B.
Eaton, R. J. Lowther, Viscount
Parker, M. Trevor, hon. G. R.
Perceval, Colonel Vere, Sir C. B.
Price, R. Walter, J.
Reid, Sir J.R.
Sandon, Lord Trevor, hon. A.
Sibthorp, Colonel Mackinnon, W. A.