HC Deb 26 July 1836 vol 35 cc587-9

On the motion of Lord John Russell, the Order of the Day for resuming the adjourned debate on the Polls for County Elections' Bill was read. On the question that the amendment be read a second time,

The Marquess of Chandos

wished to know how long the poll was to remain open.

Lord John Russell

replied, that it would be open from eight o'clock in the morning till five o'clock in the afternoon.

The Marquess of Chandos

reminded the House, that during some parts of the year, it would be quite dark before the poll would close. He protested against the electors being compelled to poll in the dark.

Mr. Hume

believed that, practically speaking, very little polling would take place after four o'clock.

Mr. Lechmere Charlton

moved that the further consideration of the Report be postponed for six months.

Lord John Russell

said, if the noble Marquess thought it better to begin polling at seven o'clock instead of eight, and to close at four o'clock, he would not object to such alteration.

The House divided on the original question that the Report be received:—Ayes 88; Noes 43; Majority 45.

The Report brought up.

On the question that the amendments be read a second time,

The Marquess of Chandos moved, that the power of appointing polling places should be vested in the Magistrates at Quarter Sessions, instead of the Secretary of State for the Home Department.

The House divided on the amendment:—Ayes40; Noes 101; Majority 61.

The Earl of Lincoln moved that the clause be omitted.

The House again divided:—Ayes 53; Noes 91; Majority 38.

Sir Thomas Fremantle

moved that the provisions of the Bill should not apply to elections taking place between the 1st of November and the 1st of March in every year.

Lord John Russell

said, he would have no objection to limit the period to two months, if the election should occur in the winter.

The House again divided on the amendment:—Ayes 50; Noes 92; Majority 42.

Report agreed to.

List of the AYES on the First Division.
Adam, Sir Charles Lefevre, C. S.
Aglionby, H. A. Lennard, T. B.
Astley, Sir J. Lennox, Lord G.
Bagshaw, J. Lennox, Lord A.
Baines, Edward Lynch, A. H.
Baring, F. T. M'Namara, Major
Beauclerk, Major Moreton, hon. A. H.
Bernal, Ralph Murray, right hon. J. A.
Bewes, Thomas
Blake, Martin Joseph North, F.
Blamire, William O'Connell, M.
Bowes, J. O'Loghlin, M.
Bowring, Dr. Palmerston, Viscount
Brotherton, J. Parker, J.
Buller, C. Parrott, J.
Burton, H. Philips, Mark
Callaghan, D. Potter, Richard
Chalmers, P. Poulter, J. S.
Curteis, E. B. Price, Sir Richard
Dalmeny, Lord Rice, right hon. T. Spring
D'Eyncourt, right hn. C. T.
Rippon, C.
Donkin, Sir R. Russell, Lord J.
Elphinstone, H. Sanford, E. A.
Ewart, W. Scholefield, J.
Fergusson, rt. hn. R.C. Seale, Colonel
Fielden, J. Smith, R. V.
Fitzgibbon, hon. Col. Smith, B.
Fitzroy, Lord C. Steuart, R.
Folkes, Sir W. Strutt, E.
French, F. Thomson, right hon. C. P.
Gordon, R.
Grey, Sir George Thompson, Colonel
Hall, B. Thornley, Thomas
Hardy, J. Tooke, W.
Harland, W. Townley, R. G.
Hastie, A. Troubridge, Sir E. T.
Hawes, B. Tulk, C. A.
Hawkins, J. H. Verney, Sir H.
Hay, Sir A. L. Wakley, Thomas
Hindley, C. Wallace, R.
Hobhouse, right hon. Sir J. C. Warburton, H.
Williams, W.
Howick, Lord Visct. Wood, Alderman
Hume, Joseph Young, G. F.
Humphery, J.
Labouchere, right hon. Mr. F. Maule
Henry Mr. C. Wood
List of the NOES.
Alford, Lord Viscount Canning, right hon. Sir S.
Arbuthnot, hon. H.
Barclay, C. Chandos, Marquess of
Beckett, right hon. Sir J. Corbet, T. G.
Dick, Q.
Blackstone, W. S. Duffield, Thomas
Bonham, R. F. Eaton, R. J.
Bramston, Thomas W. Forster, C. S.
Brownrigg, S. Fremantle, Sir T.
Buller, Sir J. Y. Gladstone, W. Ewart
Burrell, Sir C. Gordon, hon. W.
Campbell, Sir H. Gore, O.
Goulburn, rt. hon. H. Palmer, George
Hale, Robert Blagden Perceval, Colonel
Halford, Henry Price, S. Grove
Hamilton, G. A. Scarlett, hon. Robert
Knightley, Sir C. Shaw, rt. hon. Fred.
Law, hon. C. E. Sibthorp, Colonel
Lawson, A. Trevor, hon. G. R.
Lincoln, Earl of Vere, Sir C. B.
Lowther, hon. Colonel Vesey, hon. T.
Lowther, Lord Visct. TELLERS.
Lygon, hon. Colonel Mr. A. Trevor
Palmer, R. Mr. Charlton