HC Deb 15 July 1836 vol 35 cc247-8

On the motion of the Solicitor-General, the question was put, that the Report on the County Elections Polls Bill be brought up.

Mr. Rice Trevor

said, he considered the measure as getting rid of the franchise of the outvoters in counties by a side-wind. He objected to a question of so much importance being decided in this way. The Bill was liable to the objection, that it was an interference with the Reform Bill, which he thought was to be a final measure. He should divide against the motion.

Lord John Russell

said, it was always his intention that the polling for counties should last only one day. There were formerly the same objections to reducing the time from fifteen days to two, that there were now to reducing it from two days to one. Instead of putting a clause to effect the proposed change into the Registration Bill, in order to avoid objections, he had made the matter the subject of a separate Bill. He thought this was an answer to the charge of endeavouring to effect his object by indirect means.

Mr. Forbes moved that the Report be taken into further consideration on Monday

The House divided on the original motion: Ayes 47; Noes 18—Majority 29.

Report received.