HC Deb 05 July 1836 vol 34 cc1265-6
Mr. Henry Bulwer

alluded to the promised measure relating to the Legislature for New South Wales and Van Dieman's Land, and asked whether it was intended to bring it in this Session. He was by no means anxious to press on too early a discussion, as the importance of the subject demanded the most serious attention of Government. He also wished to put a question respecting grants of land in those colonies. It was well known that grants had formerly been made freely to any persons who wished to reside; but it was afterwards settled that land should be sold, and the funds devoted to the promotion of emigration. Since that date two sums out of that fund, viz., 20,000l. and 45,000l., had been applied to gaols and police, and he wished to know whether this was the proper fund to be resorted to for such a purpose?

Sir George Grey

said, it had been in tended to bring in a Bill to regulate the legislation of New South Wales, but sub sequent intelligence from the colony had rendered it necessary to take the question into further consideration. It was impossible at this period of the Session to introduce a measure of the kind, but application would be made to continue the present Act for one year, under the distinct pledge that the new Bill should not be deferred beyond next year. As to his second question, the hon. Member was not quite correctly informed; the expenses of the gaol and police had amounted to the sum stated, but it had not been charged exclusively upon the emigration fund. He could give no further answer at present, but he might add, that it was the desire of Government to promote as much as possible emigration to the colony.

Subject dropped.

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