HC Deb 01 July 1836 vol 34 cc1134-5

Mr. Finn, in reference to certain returns, begged to ask the noble Secretary for Ireland whether instructions had been given to the police to suppress any details, or to make alterations, in any statements regarding outrages in Ireland?

Colonel Perceval

interposed, and requested the noble Lord to state whether the reports were true that accounts of outrages in Ireland were sent by the inspectors under the superscription of "private and confidential," and whether returns were made of a more flattering aspect than was warranted by the real facts of the case. If the return made were bona fide, of course he should be glad to hear it; if not, he wished to ascertain whether he had been rightly informed.

Lord Morpeth, as far as his knowledge went, could take upon himself to say that there was no truth in the story: he was not aware of any alterations in returns, and certainly no directions had been given to make them.

Colonel Perceval

No directions to have accounts of outrages suppressed?

Lord Morpeth

Most certainly not.

Colonel Perceval

I am glad to hear it.

Subject dropped.