HC Deb 11 August 1836 vol 35 c1149
Mr. Hume

, brought up the Report of the Committee appointed to examine the Lords' Journals, to ascertain the course taken by their Lordships with respect to the Stafford Disfranchisement Bill.

Laid on the table.

The hon. Member

then moved, that a new writ for the borough of Stafford be not issued until ten days after the commencement of the next Session of Parliament.

Mr. A. Trevor

objected to the motion, and moved, as an amendment, that the writ be not issued for one week.

Captain Chetwynd

opposed the motion. The report had undergone a very full and patient investigation in the other House of Parliament, and none of the illegal and immoral practices attributed to the borough had been substantiated. But whatever the supposed delinquency of the borough might be, he thought it had already been sufficiently punished by the length of time during which it had been left with only one Representative.

The House divided on the original motion:—Ayes 45; Noes 5: Majority 40.

Writ suspended till after the meeting of Parliament.