HC Deb 04 August 1836 vol 35 c906

The Chancellor of the Exchequer moved that the Report on this Bill be brought up.

Colonel Sibthorp

had such strong objections to this Bill altogether, and particularly to the 5th Clause, which permitted the chief Commissioner to sit in that House, that he could not allow the Bill to pass through this stage without taking the sense of the House upon it.

The House divided, Ayes 63:—Noes 10: Majority 53.

List of the AYES.
Adam, Sir C. Hay, Sir A. L.
Baines, Edward Heathcoat, J.
Baldwin, Dr. Hector, C. J.
Barclay, D. Hindley, C.
Baring, F. T. Hodgson, J.
Bernal, Ralph Hoy, James Barlow
Bewes, T. Hume, J.
Blake, M. J. Leader, J. T.
Blamire, W. Lennox, Lord A.
Bowring, Dr. Lushington, Dr.
Brabazon, Sir W. Mangles, J.
Brotherton, J. Morpeth, Viscount
Buckingham, J. S. Morrison, J.
Butler, hon. P. O'Brien, C.
Campbell, Sir J. O'Ferrall, R. M.
Chalmers, P. Parker, J.
Chetwynd, Captain Philips, M.
Cockerell, Sir C. Potter, R.
Divett, E. Price, Sir Robert, bt.
Duncombe, T. Pryme, G.
Ewart, W. Rice, rt. hon. T. S.
Fergusson, rt. hn. C. Robinson, G. R.
Fitzroy, Lord C. Rolfe, Sir R. M.
Gordon, R. Rundle, J.
Russell, Lord J. Warburton, H.
Seale, Colonel Whalley, Sir S.
Thomson, rt. hon. C.P. Williams, W. A.
Thompson, Colonel Wood, C.
Thornley, T. Wood, Alderman
Villiers, C. P. Young, G. F.
Wakley, T. TELLERS.
Walker, C. A. Stanley, E. J.
Wallace, R. Stewart, R.
List of the NOES.
Charlton, E. L. Maclean, D.
Forbes, W. Manners, Lord C. S.
Gladstone, W. E. Palmer, Geo.
Goulburn, rt. hon. H. Perceval, Colonel
Graham, Sir J. TELLERS.
Law, hon. C. E. Sibthorp, Colonel
Lincoln, Earl of Trevor, hon. A.

Report received. Bill to be read a third time.