HC Deb 20 April 1836 vol 32 c1243

Bills. Read a second time:—Lunar Month.—Read a first time:—Pool Corporation.

Petitions presented. By several MEMBERS, from various Places, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By several MEMBERS, from various Places, for the Repeal of the Duty on Spirit Licences, and for Revision of the Criminal Code.—By several MEMBERS, from various Places, for a fair Remuneration to the Medical Practitioners employed under the Poor-Law Act—By Mr. FLEMING, from Portsmouth, against the Factories' Act Amendment Bill.—By several MEMBERS, from the Agriculturist of various Places, for Relief.—By Sir WILLIAM GEARY, from various Places in Kent, for the Repeal of the Malt Tax—By Mr. KEMP, from Lewes, for the Repeal of the Duty on Soap.—By Major MARSLAND, from the Manufacturers of Snuff at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Complaining of Adulteration and Smuggling, and praying for Relief.—By Messrs. BLACK-BUKHE and BUCKINGHAM, from Huddersfield and Weymouth, for Reduction of the Duty on Marine Insurances.—By Mr. JOHN MAXWELL, from the Hand-Loom Weavers of various places, for a Board of Trade to regulate their Wages.—By Captain PECHELL, from the Fishermen of Brighton, against the use of Traul and Drag Nets on the Coast, or within a short distance of the Shore.—By Mr. INGRAM, from the Seamen of South Shields, for preventing Merchantmen from being sent to Sea in an unfit state.—By Mr. PHILIP HOWARD, from Carlisle, to exempt Building Materials for Dissenting Chapels from the payment of Duty.—By Mr. INGRAM, from the Protestant Dissenters of South Shields, for Relief.—Byseveral MEMBERS, from the Attornies of various Places, for the Repeal of the Duty on their CertiCcates.—By Lord Viscount SANDON, from the County Charlotte, and Province of Nova Scotia, against Alteration of the Duties on Colonial Timber; from Liverpool, for a Communication to facilitate the Trade with Ireland; and from the Corporation of Liverpool, for the Removal of the Disabilities of the Jews.—By Mr. SHARMAN CRAWFORD, from Kilcoury, to compel Landlords who eject their Tenants, to allow them fair Compensation; and from Castlereagh and Ballywater, to take the whole of the Grand Jury System under consideration.—By Mr. JAMES GRATTAN, from Hacket's-town, Kiltegan, and other Places, for Abolition of Tithes; and for the introduction of Poor-Laws into Ireland.—By Mr. PARKER, from the Carriers of South Devon, for the Repeal of the Duty on their Carts.—By Mr. F. TRENCH, from Boyle, for the Speedy completion of the Shannon Navigation.