HC Deb 19 April 1836 vol 32 cc1194-5

Mr. Kemp moved, that all Members serving for the county of Kent be Members of the Committee on the Brighton Railway Bill, Rennie's Line.

Lord George Lennox

opposed the motion. He begged to submit the point to the Speaker. The resolution of the House was, that all Members for boroughs through which the line passed might sit on the Committee, but, in fact, the new undertaking, under Sir John Rennie, ended at Croydon, and there joined the Croydon and Greenwich Railway, the Bills for which passed last year.

The Speaker

thought that the Railway from Croydon to London formed part of the whole line contemplated by Sir John Ronnie, consequently that Mr. Barnard was prima facie entitled to sit and vote on the Committee.

Sir Charles Burrel

resisted the claim, as the new line of Sir John Rennie came no farther than Croydon; his line was, in fact, not from Brighton to London, but Brighton to Croydon

The Speaker

said his original impression was, that the hon. Member had a right to i claim to be of the Committee; but, in consequence of the explanations that had since been given, he was induced to change that opinion, and he now thought the hon. Member, according to the orders of the House, could not substantiate that claim.—Debate adjourned.