HC Deb 12 April 1836 vol 32 c915
Mr. Hume

rose to move for Returns of the Dues paid to the Russian Company of Merchants trading to Petersburg and elsewhere, on Russian produce, imported into this country, with Copies of the Charter of the Russian Company, the Duties payable on admission into the Company by Merchants enrolled, and the Rules existing for the conduct of the affairs of the Russian Company. The duties levied on Russian produce, imported were, under the direction of the Russian Incorporated Company, a species of antiquated system of monopoly, which it was high time the Government should abrogate. There was one striking inconsistency in the present system, which was, that the Charter only extended to the ports of old Russia; so that imports from her new acquisition of territory were— though these ports were fully one-half of all the Russian Ports—exempt from control of the Russian Company. And another anomaly was, that these dues were not allowed by the Act of Incorporation to be levied on Russian imports into ports of Ireland and Scotland. Many oaths were required by the regulations of the Company, for the purpose of identifying the property as Russian property, which ought now at once to be abolished. He hoped to have the assent of the present enlightened Government to a future measure, which should abolish these dues, and bring back this trade to the sound principle which was now so properly acted upon with respect to other branches of our commerce. He concluded by moving for the Returns already mentioned, which were granted.