HC Deb 15 May 1835 vol 27 cc1158-9

The Order of the Day having been read for taking into further consideration the Report of the Imprisonment for Debt Bill,

The Attorney-General,

although he deprecated the taking of further evidence on the subject, moved that the Bill be referred to the consideration of a Select Committee. The object was, to discuss the merits of the Bill, and make it as complete as possible.

Mr. Freshfield

observed, that the Insolvent Debtor's Court was not a permanent Court, and that, unless revived by Act of Parliament, it would expire in the Session of next year. He trusted that, in that case, care would be taken to give the judges of that Court the compensation to which they would be entitled.

The Attorney-General

said, that although he could not make any pledge on the subject, there could be no doubt that if the Court were abolished the judges would be properly compensated.

Mr. Carruthers,

urged the necessity of hearing further evidence, because there were various objections to which the Bill was at present liable.

The Solicitor-General

concurred with his hon. and learned Friend, the Attorney-General, in thinking that it would be quite unnecessary to have any further evidence.

Mr. Hawes

stated, that the opinions of both wholesale and retail dealers in the Borough, which he had the honour to represent, were now as favourable to the measure as they had formerly been unfavourable.

The Motion agreed to, and a Select Committee appointed.