HC Deb 13 May 1835 vol 27 c1052

Bills, Read a first time:—Sale of Bread Committee; Highways.

Petitions presented. By Mr. THOMAS BARING, Mr. HAWES, Mr. BROTHERTON, Mr. RIDLEY COLBORNE, Mr. HOGG, Mr. FRESHFIELD, and Major BEAUCLERK, from Salford, London, and other Places, against the Imprisonment for Debt Abolition Bill.—By Mr. THOMAS BARING, from Great Yarmouth, against the Seamen's Enlistment Bill.—By Mr. HAWES, from Market Gardeners of Lambeth, against the Sabbath Day Observance Bill.—By Mr. HAWES, from Inhabitants of Lambeth, to Repeal the Sentence on the Dorchester Unionists.—By Mr. EWART, from Liver-pool, to the same effect.—By Colonel LEITH HAY, General SHARPE, Mr. CHALMERS, and Mr. MAULE, from Inhabitants of Losswade and Cockpen, and from various Dissenting Congregations (Scotland), against a Grant to the Church of Scotland.—By Colonel LEITH HAY, General SHARPE, Mr. MAULE, and Sir ROBERT PEEL, from a variety of Places, in favour of such a Grant.—By Mr. HEATHCOTE, Lord EASTNOR, Sir CHARLES BROKE VERE, and Mr. PHILIP JOHN MILES, from several Places, against the Ecclesiastical Courts' Bill.—By Mr. HEATH-COTE, from Farmers of Crosland, against the Removal of the Duties on Small Agricultural Seeds.—By the same GENTLEMAN, from the East Suffolk Agricultural Society, for Protection to Agriculture.—By Mr. RIDLEY COLBORNE, Mr. MACKINNON, and Mr. SAUNDERSON, from Wells, Lymington, and Parishes in London,—in favour of the Church of Ireland—By Mr. RIDLEY COLBORNE and Mr. WALTER, from Spirit Dealers in Wells, Wokingham, and other Places,—for the Reduction of the Duty on Spirit Licenses.—By Sir GEORGE STRICKLAND, from several Places in the West Riding of Yorkshire, for an Equality in the Licenses for selling Beer.—By Mr. EWART, from Liverpool, for the Suppression of Drunkenness.—By Mr. Fox MAULE, and Mr. M'TAGOART, against the Imprisonment for Debt Abolition Bill (Scotland).—By Mr. Fox MAULE, from Forfar, in favour of the proposed Measure of Church Reform (Ireland).—By Mr. MACKINNON, from Richmond, Surrey, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Mr. P. J. MILES, from Bristol, for giving Poor-Laws to Ireland.—By Mr. KENNEDY, from Labourers of Uplowman, complaining of Distress; and from Dissenters of Stoke-upon-Trent, against the Dissenters Marriage Bill; and by Mr. JOHN MAXWELL, from certain Handloom Weavers, for the Establishment of a Board to Regulate Wages.