HC Deb 19 March 1835 vol 26 c1233
Mr. Hume

moved for a Return of the Estimates of the expense to be incurred by the East India Company and the British Government for the Diplomatic Mission to Persia, &c.

Mr. Cutler Fergusson

said, that the existence not alone of the British rule in India, but also of the peace of Europe, depended upon the obstacle which it opposed to the policy of Russia in the Court of Persia. The only question which could arise on the subject of the mission in his opinion was whether it was sufficiently provided for by the 20,000l. which he understood was apportioned for it. He thought that sum insufficient, and he therefore implored his Majesty's Government to increase it, if it were deemed in the slightest degree necessary. He had much pleasure in stating that through the admirable conduct of the individual at the head of the mission the English interest, heretofore little consulted at the Persian Court, was now paramount even to that of Russia; that by his mediation the present Khan was firmly established on the throne of his father, and that through the means of his mission the power of Russia was likely to be greatly checked, if not paralyzed, in that important quarter. As he asserted before, it would be the effect of preserving not alone India to England, but of preserving the peace of Europe.

Mr. Hume

said, that one of the objects which he had in view in moving for these papers was to question the policy and principle of supplanting the former residents at that Court. British officers long resident in the East, by individuals who had never been in that quarter during their lives.

Mr. Sheil

said, that Mr. Ellice, the head of the mission, had been a long while in India, and the East generally, and had filled various important stations there. He approved of the election because he thought that the questions to be dealt with were rather of a civil than a military nature.

Motion agreed to.

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