HC Deb 16 March 1835 vol 26 cc1016-8

On the Question that the House should resolve itself into a Committee of Supply.

Lord John Russell

said, that he was informed by one of the Commissioners of Public Instruction (Ireland) that in the course of next week a Special Report would be made by certain Local Commissioners, who had examined the parishes in eight dioceses in Ireland. He imagined, therefore, that in the course of the following week the report would be in the possession of the Members of that House. He wished, therefore, to put it to the House whether, as such was the case, it would not be advisable to postpone the Motion, of which he had given notice, respecting the Church of Ireland; because, when he originally gave notice of the Motion, he supposed that the Report of the Commissioners would be laid upon the Table of the House before the day fixed for that Motion. He would now move for the production, without delay, of any Reports which might be received from the Commissioners, and if it should meet with the concurrence of the House, he would afterwards postpone his Motion till the 30th instant, for which day he would move a call of the House. The noble Lord concluded by moving that there be laid upon the Table of the House, copies of all Special Reports, that may be received from the Commissioners of Public Instruction (Ireland).

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

said, that he must call upon the noble Lord to give notice of the Motion; it was one which ought not to be made as a matter of course. The question was, whether incomplete Reports should be made from the Commissioners. Up to the present moment, the Government had received no Report from the Commissioners, and it did not appear that Government possessed the same means of ascertaining from the Commissioners the course which would be taken by them as the noble Lord had. Without entering into any discussion now, he begged the House to have the goodness to observe, that the question they had to decide was, whether they would proceed to affirm a general resolution on a partial Report? Whether or not the dioceses referred to by the noble Lord had been examined he could not state; but he must object to the Motion being made without notice.

Lord John Russell

had no objection to comply with the suggestion of the right hon. Baronet, and give notice of his Motion. At the same time, he must say, that in order to avoid any appearance of surprise, he had communicated to the right hon. Secretary for Ireland, and the right hon. Secretary for the Home Department, his intention to submit such a Motion, and if he had heard any objection offered he would not have brought it forward. He would now withdraw the Motion, and give notice for to-morrow.

Sir Henry Hardinge

said, that the present Government had not interfered in the slightest degree with the Commission, and were entirely ignorant of their proceedings.

Subject dropped.