HC Deb 03 March 1835 vol 26 cc525-6
Mr. Finn

was anxious to put a question to the right hon. Baronet, on a subject seriously affecting the peace of Ireland. He wished to know whether a statement he had seen in the public prints was correct? namely, that his Majesty had received certain addresses from those illegal and unconstitutional bodies—the Orange Societies in Ireland. He had seen it stated, that such petitions had been presented by Members of that House from the Orangemen of Fermanagh, Cork, and Down, and received by his Majesty; and he wished, to know whether it were true that his Majesty had been advised to receive such addresses, coming as they did from bodies existing in defiance of the law; the members of which were known to each other by secret signs, and exclusive in their constitution.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

was not aware that the question applied to him, in any way. He recommended the hon. Member to make the inquiry, when the right hon. Gentleman, the Secretary for Ireland, was in his place. He was unable to return the hon. Gentleman any answer.

Subject dropped.