HC Deb 30 June 1835 vol 29 c82

Petitions presented. By Sir SAMUEL WHALLEY, from Marylebone Parish, against the Public Carriages' (Metropolis) Bill.—By Mr. GROVE PRICE, from Sandwich, against Parts of the Municipal Corporations' Bill.—By Mr. W. MILES, and Mr. W. PRAED, from several Places,—to the same effect.—By Colonel GORE LANGTON, and an HON. MEMBER,—in favour of the said Bill.—By Mr. GROVE PRICE, from Sandwich, against the Imprisonment for Debt Bill; from several Parishes in Kent, against the Poor-Law Amendment Act—By Sir G. CLERK, from a Congregation (Edinburgh) for Protection to the Church of Scotland.—By Sir G. CREWE, from Derby and Scarsdale, for Protection to the Irish Protestant Church Establishment.—By Mr. PEASE, from Bamborough (Northumberland) for Relief to the Agricultural Interest.—By Sir M. W. RIDLEY, from Newcastle-upon Tyne, in favour of the Municipal Corporations' Bill.