HC Deb 03 June 1835 vol 28 cc477-8

Bills, Read a third time;—Wills Execution; Executors and Administrators.—Read A second times:—Capital Punishments; Alehouse Licenses.

Petitions presented. By Mr. POULTER, from Tradesmen and others of London and of Lambeth, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Sir EDMUND HAYESS, from Donegal, for the Renewal of the Linen Manufacturers, Act.—By Mr. T. DUNCOMBE, Form three different Trades of London, for a Remission of the Sentence on the Dorchester Labourers.—By the ATTORNEY-GENERAL, from Perth, for the Repeal of the Personal Succession (Scotland) Act; and from the same Place, for a Repeal of the Stamp Duties.—By the Marquess of CHANDOS, from Sawbridgeworth, against being united with other Parishes.—By Mr. F. SHAW, Mr. RICHARDS, and an HON. MEMBER, from several Places, for Protection to the Irish Protestant Church—By Mr. FERGUS from Scone, for Abolishing Lay Patronage in the Church of Scotland.—By Lord STANLEY, Mr. FERGUS, and Mr. MAULE, from a Number of Places, for Protection to the Church of Scotland,—By Colonel LEITH HAY, Messrs. STEWART MACKENZIK, MAULE, and FERGUS, from a great Number of Places,—against any Grant of Money for Building Churches in Scotland.—By Messrs. P. HOWARD and STRUTT, from Carlisle, and St. Andrew's, Holborn, for the Repeal of the Duty on Newspapers—By Lord MORPETH, and Messrs. S. LEFEVRE, ELMES, and STRUTT, from several Places,—for the Repeal of the Additional Duty on Spirit Licenses.—By Mr. WILSON, from Wattisfield, against Church Rates, and for Liberating Mr. Child of Bungay.—By Sir W. FOULKES, from the Agriculturists of Norfolk, for Relief.—By Mr. POTTER, from Wigan, against the Imprisonment for Debt Bill.—By Captain PECHELL, from Brighton and Worthing, in favour of the Sale of Bread Bill.—By Colonel SEALE, from Dartmouth, in favour of Municipal Reform.

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