HC Deb 01 June 1835 vol 28 c208

Bill. Read a second time:—Consolidated Fund. Petitions presented. By Lord ROBERT MANNERS, from the Agriculturists of Leicestershire, for Relief.—By Mr. W. WYNN, from two Welsh Counties, for Relief to small Farmers from Statute-labour on Turnpike Roads.—By Sir EDWARD KNATCHBULL, from the Persons confined in the Debtors' Prison at Dover, in favour of the Im- prisonment for Debt Bill.—By Mr. EDWARD LYTTON BULWER, from the Agriculturists of Staffordshire, for Relief from County Rates.—By Sir WILLIAM FOLLETT, from Debtors confined in Exeter Gaol, and by Mr. DUGDALE, from those of Warwick Gaol,—for Relief, and for Amending the Laws concerning them.—By Sir JOHN CAMPBELL, from the Magistrates of Edinburgh, against the Impressment of Seamen.—By the LORD ADVOCATE, from Edinburgh, for an Alteration of the Law relating to Joint Property in Scotland.—By Sir GEORGE CLERK, from several Places, against the Duty on Stamped Receipts; from the Society of Solicitors of Edinburgh, for the Repeal of the Duty on Attorney's Certificates.—By Mr. ROBINSON, from the Solicitors of Worcester, against transferring to the Court of Doctors' Commons the sole power of granting Probates and Administrations.—By Mr. WILSON, from Thetford, against the Dissenters' Marriage Bill.—By Mr. BARLOW HOY, from Atherstone, for making Owners, instead of Occupiers of small Tenements, pay Poor-rates.—By Viscount LOWTHER, Mr. CARTWRIGHT, and Mr. F. SHAW, from several Places,—for Protection to the Protestant Church of Ireland.—By Mr. TOOKE, from Tormoham, for Vote by Ballot.—By Mr. POTTER, from Linlithgow, for the Abolition of Stage-coach Duties.—By Sir CHARLES BURRELL, from three Places, for reducing the Duty on Hops.—By Messrs. BROTHERTON and HARDY, from the Handloom Weavers of several Places, for Relief, and for a Board of Trade.—By Mr. WILKS, from Kirton in Holland, for a more strict Inquiry into the Application of Charitable Bequests.