HC Deb 31 July 1835 vol 29 c1279
Lord Stormont

presented a Petition from Thomas MooreKeith, praying to be discharged from custody. In order that the House might not at all be taken by surprise, he would postpone the motion for the discharge of Mr. Keith till Monday.

Mr. Wason

moved, that Mr. Keith be sent down to Norwich on the 1st of August, in custody of the Sergeant-at-Arms, to give evidence, if required, before the Grand Jury. His reason was, that it was due as an act of justice to Pilgrim who feared that if the Bill against him were thrown out, it would be said that the result was occasioned by the absence of Mr. Keith, who was confined by the House of Commons. It was possible also that the trial might be postponed in consequence of the want of the evidence of Mr. Keith, and then it would be kept hanging over Pilgrim's head for six months longer.

Mr. Scarlett

denied that Keith's evidence would be required before the Grand Jury, or that the trial would be postponed, as both parties were anxious that it should come on.

Mr. Wodehouse,

who was one of the Grand Jury, was quite sure that that body would not be discharged, so that Mr. Keith might, if his testimony were required, appear before it in the regular course, after he had been discharged by the House. If he was then still in custody he could be sent for.

Mr. Williams Wynn

proposed the adjournment of the farther discussion until Monday, which would be in time for the Grand Jury at Nowich.

The debate adjourned.