HC Deb 30 July 1835 vol 29 cc1248-9
Mr. J. Clipperton

was brought to the Bar, when the Speaker addressed him to the following effect: —"John Clipperton, this House has resolved that you have been guilty of a breach of its privileges; as you have aided and abetted witnesses who have absconded for the purpose of evading the service of the Speaker's warrant. This is conduct which, in your case, admits of no palliation. The knowledge which you have acquired in the practice of the profession to which you belong, ought to have warned you against the commission of such an offence, by impressing you with a just sense of its injurious consequences to your own character, and to the administration of justice. On the contrary, you have neglected that duty which you owe to yourself and to public justice. You have supplied the witnesses when abroad with money for their support, and when they were living under feigned names; and thus you have become deeply implicated in a serious and aggravated obstruction to the due authority of this House. Under these circumstances, this House, which ought always to be prompt and vigilant in the vindication of its useful and acknowledged privileges, which are as essential to maintain the due authority of this House as to protect the course of justice, has found itself imperatively called upon to visit your offence with severe punishment. Trusting that the contrition which yon have expressed is real and sincere, and that you will never cease to feel regret and sorrow that you have so mis-conducted yourself as to have incurred the heavy displeasure of the assembled representatives of the people, I have now to acquaint you that, on the payment of your fees, you are discharged."

The Speaker's address was ordered to be entered on the Journals.