HC Deb 29 July 1835 vol 29 c1194

Bills. Read a second time:—Sheriffs' Declaration; Reform of Parliament (Scotland).

Petitions presented. By Major MACNAMARA, from Michelstown, for Revising the Tithes' Composition Act; from Kilcoleman, for the Abolition of Tithes; from Ennis, for discontinuing the Soap Drawback in Ireland; from the County Clare, for Inquiry into the State of the Irish Fisheries.—By Captain GORDON, from the Solicitors of Banff, in favour of the Instruments of Sasine (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. F. SHAW, from a Number of Places, against the Church of Ireland Bill.—By Mr. W. DUNCOMBE, from Preston and other Places, for Amending the Factories' Regulation Act.—By the LORD-ADVOCATE, from the Parochial Schoolmasters of Kilkerry, for Securing to them the Accommodations specified in the 8th section of Act 43rd George 4th, cap. 54; from a Military Society of Elgin, for Extending Act 9th George 4th, cap. 92, to Scotland; from the Bakers of Leith, against Extending the Sale of Bread Bill to Scotland.—from Leith, against proposed Alterations in the Bonding Warehouses System; from Edinburgh, against any Grant for Building Churches in Scotland; from Leith, and by Captain GORDON, from Aberdeen, against any Alteration in the Timber Duties.—By Mr. BISH, from Leominster, for the Repeal of the Duty on Newspaper Stamps.—By Mr. C. FERGUSSON, from the Postmasters of Dumfries and Glasgow, against the present System of Farming the Post-Horse Duty.—By Lord SANDON, from Liverpool, against the Steam Vessels' Pilotage Bill.—By Mr. SHARMAN CRAWFORD, from Arles, and from an Individual, for Poor-Laws to Ireland. By Mr. CALLAGHAN, from four Places, against Tithes in Ireland.