HC Deb 20 July 1835 vol 29 c730

Bills. Read a third time:—Postage; Property in Infants (Ireland).

Petitions presented. By Dr. BOWRING, from Cupar, for the Better Building and Manning Ships employed in conveying Emigrants.—By Mr. Sergeant O'LOUGHLIN, from Attornies and Solicitors of Ireland, against the Civil Courts' (Ireland) Bill; from Upper and Lower Ormond, Owney, Arra, and Skerrin, for a Division of the County for the Purposes of the Assize.—By Mr. RONAYNE, from Clonmel, and Mr. JOHN O'CONNELL, from Youghall, against Admitting Persons into Corporations not entitled thereto.—By Captain GORDON, from Clina, and from a College of Aberdeen, against the University of Aberdeen Bill.—By Mr. WILKS, from Boston, against the Duty on Newspaper Stamps.—By Mr. W. WILLIAMS, from the Handloom Weavers of Spitalfields, for Relief, and a Board of Trade.—By Mr. BRUCE, from Persons residing on the Banks of the Lower Shannon, for Improving the Pier at Kilrush, from Clare, for Revising the Registry of Voters.—By Lord STORMONT, from a number of Places, for Protection to the Church of Scotland; from Norwich, against the Municipal Corporations' Bill.—By Colonel PERCEVAL, Mr. BRUEN, and Mr. Sergeant JACKSON, from several Places, against the Irish Church Bill.—By Lord MAHON, from Rochester, against the Church of Ireland Bill.—By Sir PHILIP EGERTON, from the Brewers of Chester, for making the Irish pay the Malt Duty; also against any further Grant to Maynooth College.—By Mr. HUMPHERY, from St. John's Southwark, for a Remission of the Sentence on the Dorchester Labourers.—By Sir JOHN JOHNSTONE, from Scarborough, against any further Grant for Building Churches in Scotland.—By Messrs. COLLIER and BURDON, from Plymouth and two other Places,—against any Alteration of the Timber Duties.