HC Deb 16 July 1835 vol 29 cc640-2
Mr. Williams Wynn

adverted to the continued suspension of the writ for the Borough of Stafford, and said he must remonstrate against the unconstitutional practice of suspending the issue of writs, except under circumstances of a most imperative nature. He did hope that the noble Lord opposite would feel that it was very unfitting that the House of Commons should from time to time put off this proceeding. It was most unjustifiable to suspend the proceeding until near the end of the Session, and thereby not allow the House sufficient time for its due consideration. He was far from imputing any want of attention to the hon. Gentleman who had the management of the Stafford Borough Bill; but he really must complain of the delay.

Mr. Divett

would be very glad to avail himself of the first open day to proceed with the measure. The writ must of course be suspended as long as there was a chance of passing the Bill.

Sir Robert Peel

thought it would be better to fix some day positively for the purpose of proceeding with the Bill. As two important subjects were appointed for Monday, the Irish Church Question and the Municipal Corporations Bill, perhaps it would be well to fix Tuesday as the day on which the Stafford Borough Bill should positively come on.

Bill to be brought forward on the Monday following.