HC Deb 01 July 1835 vol 29 c135
Mr. Sergeant Jackson

said, that Dr. Farr and another medical gentleman were in attendance to give evidence upon the state of Mr. O'Malley's health. It had been endeavoured to obtain the attendance of Sir Astley Cooper, but that had been found impossible. The learned Sergeant then moved that Dr. Farr be called in.

The Motion was agreed to, and Dr. Farr appearing at the Bar, stated, in answer to a question put to him, that he had attended Mr. O'Malley professionally since 1831; that the constitution of that gentleman was then remarkably feeble; that he had lost one eye by disease, and was in danger of losing the other; being under the influence of an idiopathic disease, which was dangerous to the constitution; that he had seen him that day, and found him suffering evidently from confinement, and was of opinion that he would continue to suffer, and that his life would be brought into danger if further confined; that in 1832 he had found it absolutely necessary to order him to leave the atmosphere of London, and had recommended him to go to Madeira or Italy; and that, in short, his constitution was very fragile.

[The witness withdrew; and amid cries of "Move!"]

Mr. Sergeant Jackson

rose, and asked if it were the wish of the House that any other medical gentleman should attend? He would then at once move that Mr. O'Malley be called to the Bar, and discharged on payment of his fees.

Motion agreed to.