HC Deb 31 August 1835 vol 30 cc1131-2

Mr. Marshall presented a Petition which emanated from one of the largest and most respectable meetings ever held in Carlisle, praying the House to reject the Corporation Bill as amended by the Lords.

Mr. Phillip Howard

could bear testimony to the deep and bitter feeling which pervaded that and the neighbouring counties, in consequence of the manner in which the Bill had been mutilated in the House of Lords. He (Mr. Howard) was not one of those who thought that the popular cause could be benefited by rejecting all concession or compromise, but he thought the House should resolutely stand by the leading provisions of the Bill. He trusted they should hear no more of the reign of Aldermen after to-night. All the counties on the borders were deeply interested in the restitution of those rights of local government which they had formerly enjoyed.

Petition laid on the Table.

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