HC Deb 29 August 1835 vol 30 c1114

Bills. Read a third time:—Stamp and Assessed Taxes.

Petitions presented. By Mr. Sergeant JACKSON, from Larah and Druny, for Revision of the Registration of Voters (Ireland); from Cavan, against the Constabulary Force (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. SANDERSON, from Colchester, and Sir JOHN RAE REID, from Dover, and Mr. CODRINGTON, from Stafford, to maintain the Privileges of the House of Lords.—By Mr. WODEHOUSE, from the Agriculturists of Diss (Norfolk) for Relief.—By Sir JACOB ASTLEY, from two Places, against the Additional Duty on Spirit Licences; from Shropham, against a Clause in the Poor-Law Amendment Act.—By Sir G. STRICKLAND, Mr. BLAMIRE, Mr. R, STEWART, and Dr. BOWRING, from a Number of Places,—for passing the Municipal Corporations' Bill unmutilated. — By Mr. CODRINGTON, from Places in Gloucestershire, against being united under the Poor-Law Amendment Act—By Viscount MORPETH, from two Places, for Remitting the Sentence on the Dorchestsr Labourers; from Welsden, against Drunkenness: from Thornhill, in favour of the Irish Church Bill; from Aughagour, for a greater Number of Representatives for Ireland; from Sheffield, in favour of the Imprisonment for Debt Bill; from Dublin, for Amending the Dublin Valuation Act.