HC Deb 25 August 1835 vol 30 c977

The House in Committee on the Lectures' Publication Bill.

Mr. Wakley moved the omission of Clause 2nd.

Lord John Russell

said, that his view of the matter was, that Lecturers should have the same protection as Authors had. At the same time he was of opinion that it should be fully competent to newspapers and other publications to make extracts from such lectures, and pass comments upon them, with a view of affording the public an opportunity of judging as to their merits. Unless this permission were accorded he should not support the Bill.

Mr. Wakley

agreed with the noble Lord, that private Lecturers should have equal protection with authors; but he could not see that such Lecturers as those at St. Bartholomew's Hospital (who on the aggregate derived an income of 8,000l. a-year from this source) were in any respect entitled to a similar protection.

The Committee divided on the Clause: Ayes 29; Noes 9—Majority 20.

List of the NOES.
Attwood, T. Ruthven, E. S.
Bridgman, H. Ruthven, E.
Chalmers, P. Tulk, C. A.
Crawford, S.
Hector, C. J. TELLER.
Ronayne, D. Wakley, T.

The remaining clauses agreed to, and the House resumed.

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