HC Deb 24 August 1835 vol 30 cc940-1
Mr. George F. Young

I wish to ask a question of the noble Lord opposite (Lord J. Russell.) In a discussion, a few nights ago, on the composition of the York Bribery Committee, the noble Lord, referring to my humble name, placed it erroneously among the ranks of his opponents, and said that in four divisions out of five, it would be found registered among the opponents of Ministers. Certainly, if the fact were so, I could not make the statement any ground of reproach; but when it is directly the reverse, and when, for reasons with which I shall not trouble the House, the statement has been a source of pain, injury, and inconvenience to me, which I am quite sure was not the intention of the noble Lord, as I have submitted to him the best proof I could give upon the subject, I trust that with the frankness and candour which always characterize generous minds, he will not refuse me the reparation of expressing that he was in error. I therefore beg to ask the noble Lord if he is satisfied that he was mistaken, when he said that, in four divisions out of five, my name would be found in the list of his opponents.

Lord John Russell

I cannot but be exceedingly glad that the hon. Member is so anxious to be ranked among the supporters of Ministers.—[Mr. G. F. Young: I wish the fact to be stated, and nothing more.]—I spoke at the time what struck me at the moment, and I believe that my impression was derived from some divisions in which I had seen the hon. Member. One of those occurred at the commencement of the Session, and others upon some amendments of the Municipal Corporations Bill, and I therefore said on the sudden, as I supposed was the fact, that in four out of rive divisions, the hon. Member had voted against the Government. I by no means wish to say that on the whole he may not be reckoned one of our supporters; and I believe that, looking at all the divisions since we came into office, my statement will be found erroneous. To a certain extent, therefore, I beg to correct it, and I hope hereafter that I shall have to correct it still more. I hope that I shall have to say that of all the supporters of the present Government, the most steady, uniform, and constant, is the hon. Member for Tynemouth.

Mr. George F. Young

I have voted with the noble Lord with great pleasure, and I never separate myself from him without great regret.