HC Deb 03 April 1835 vol 27 c781

Bill. Read a second time:—Bankruptcy Estate. Petitions presented. By Mr. HANBURY TRACEY, from Tewksbury; Mr. BONHAM CARTER, from Portsmouth; Mr. CARRUTHERS, from Hull; and Mr. C. J. K. TYNTE, from Botesdale,—against the Ecclesiastical Courts' Bill.—By Mr. BONHAM CARTER, from Licensed Victuallers of Portsmouth.—By Mr. C. J. K. TYNTE, from Licensed Victuallers of Yeovil, for the Repeal of the Additional Duty on Spirit Licences.—By Dr. BOWRING, from Gretna Green, against any Grant of Money for providing Additional Church Accommodation in Scotland.—By Mr. CARRUTHERS, from Officers of East-India Marines, praying for Additional Remuneration.—By Sir HARRY VERNEY, from Buckingham, complaining of Infringement on their Franchise.