HC Deb 26 May 1834 vol 23 c1305

Bills. Read a second time:—Entailed Estates.—Read a third time:—Chimney Sweepers; Navy Pay; Bribery at Elections.

Petitions presented. By Lord MORPETH, from the Debtors in York Gaol, against Imprisonment for Debt.—By Mr. HALL DARE, from several Places, against any Alteration in the Com Laws; from Maldon, against the Claims of the Dissenters; from Dronham,—and by Lord MORPETH, from two Places,—for Protection to the Established Church.—By Colonel DAVIES, from a Congregation, against Church Rates.—By Alderman COPELAND, from Coleraine, for Extending Legislative Measures for the Better Observance of the Lord's Day to Ireland.—By Lords HENNIKER and MORPETH, Sir ROBERT PRICE, Sir RICHARD SIMEON, Messrs. BAINES, HARDY, HALL DARE, HARLAND, and Alderman COPELAND, from a Number of Places,—for Inquiry into the Causes of Drunkenness.—By Lord HENNIKER, Messrs. THICKNESSE, GREENE, BLACKBURNE, and EGERTON, from a Number of Places,—against Clauses in the Poor Laws Amendment Bill.