HC Deb 14 May 1834 vol 23 c952

Bills. Read a second time:—Warwick Witnesses' Indemnity; Capital Punishment; Bodies of Criminals; Navy Pay.

Petitions presented. By Colonel EVANS, Messrs. T. ATTWOOD, BAINES, and RUTHVEN, from several Places,—against the Poor Law Amendment Bill.—By Mr. EWART, from Liverpool, for an Inquiry into the State of the Ecclesiastical Law.—By Mr. SLANEY, from Woodbridge, in favour of the Poor Laws Amendment Bill.—By Mr. PARKER, from the Sheffield Mechanics' Institution, for Endowments for the Masters and Lecturers engaged by that and similar Institutions.—By Colonel CONOLLY, from Individuals in Ireland, against the Turnpike Roads (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. ABERCROMBY, from Edinburgh; and by Mr. PARKER, from Sheffield,—against the Corn Laws.—By Mr. PEASE, from Darlington, for a Remedy against the Gin Shops; from two Places, for Vote by Ballot; from the Seamen of Darlington, against the Payment of Sixpence to Greenwich Hospital; from the same Place; and by Mr. VIVIAN, from several Places,—for the Repeal of the Export Duties of Coals.—By Mr. BANNERMAN, from Aberdeen, for the Revival of the Act relating to Partnerships in Scotland; for a Light-House on the Middle Sand; against Clandestine Emigration to the United States; for the Repeal of the Stamp Duties on Receipts; and by Mr. ABERCROMBY, from Edinburgh and other Places, to the same effect.—By Mr. DENIS O'CONNOR, from several Places, for the Abolition of Tithes,—By Messrs. PEASE and TOOKE, from Darlington and Gloucester, against Employing Boys in the Cleaning of Chimneys.—By Mr. BAILLIE, from the Chimney Sweepers of Bristol, for a Clause in the Bill concerning them.—By Sir George Staunton, from Llandinam, for the Abolition of Tithes.—By Mr. HAWES, from several Parishes, against the Parish Apprentices Bill.—By Captain GORDON, from several Friendly Societies, for an Alteration of the Act concerning them.—By Mr. HAWES, from Coach Proprietors, and others, against the Dover Road Act.—By Captain GORDON, from several Places, against the present System of Church Patronage in Scotland.—By Mr. ABERCROMBY, from Edinburgh, for an Inquiry into the Operation of the Tea Duties Act; and from Greenock, against any Alteration in the same Act; from the Handloom Weavers of Paisley and Aberdeen, for Relief, and for a Board of Trade; from the Linen Weavers of Arbroath, for a fixed Rate of Wages; from Aberdeen and Greenock, in favour of the Sabbath Observance Bill; and from Renfrew, against the same.—By Mr. THOMAS ATTWOOD and Mr. BAILLIE, from several Political Unions,—for the Remission of the Sentence on the Dorchester Labourers.—By Mr. THOMAS ATTWOOD, Mr. ABERCROMBY, and Mr. BANNERMAN, from several Places,—for Relief to the Polish Exiles.—By Earl GROSVENOR, Messrs. TOOKE, R. PALMER, and Mr. MILBS, from several Places,—for Amending the Sale of Beer Act; and by Mr. F. PALMER, from Reading, against any Alteration in the Act.—By Messrs BAILLIE and BLACKBURNE, from several Places,—for the Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—By Earl GROSVENOR, Lords BRUDENELL, and NORREYS, and Mr. PALMER, from several Places, for Protection to the Established Church.—By Mr. THOMAS ATTWOOD, from the Debtors confined in Cambridge County Gaol for an Alteration in the Law relating to Imprisonment for Debt.—By Lord NORREYS and Mr. MILES, from a Number of Places, against the Universities Admission Bill.—By Earl GROSVENOR and Sir ROBERT PEEL, from Derbyshire and other Places,—for Relief to the Agricultural Interest.—By Messrs. BAILLIE, ROLFE, PALMER, and Lord NORREYS, from a Number of Dissenting Congregations,—for Relief to the Dissenters.—By Sir RUFANE DONKIN, from Berwick-upon-Tweed, against the General Register Bill.