HC Deb 22 March 1834 vol 22 c563

Bill. Read a third time:—Pensions' Duties &c.

Petitions presented. By Messrs. THICKNESSE, HALL, DANIEL GASKELL, SCHOLEFIELD, and M. A. TAYLOR, from several Dissenting Congregations,—for the Relief of Dissenters.—By Mr. J. MAXWELL. from the Hand-Loom Weavers of several Piaces, for a Board of Trade, and for Relief.—By Colonel EVANS, from Hastings, for the Release of Mr. Cohen.—By Mr. MURRAY, from Leith, for the Repeal of the Stamp Duty on Receipts; and for a Copy of all Papers printed at the Public Expense to the Magistrates of each County Town, &c.—By Mr. SINCLAIR, and Mr. Mummy, from several Places, for a New System of Lay Patronage in Scotland.—By Messrs. SINCLAIR and THICKNESSE, from Westminster, &c.,—for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Mr. BAILLIE, from Bristol, against the 56th Clause in the Reform Act.—By Lord NORREYS, from Thame, for an Alteration in the Poor Laws.