HC Deb 21 March 1834 vol 22 cc560-1

Sir J. Graham moved the Order of the Day for the House to resolve itself into a Committee on the Exchequer of Receipt Bill.

On the question, that the Speaker do leave the Chair,

Lord Dudley Stuart

said, he would take that opportunity of putting a question to the noble Lord (Palmerston) opposite. A statement had appeared in some of the public papers in which it was said that a communication had been made by the Court of Russia to the several Governments of Europe requesting that those governments would not receive or give any protection to those Polish refugees who had been exiled from their own country for political causes. If such a communication had been made, it was most cruel and tyrannical, and was quite in keeping with the other acts of tyranny which had been practised on those unfortunate exiles. He wished to know from the noble Lord, whether any such communication had been made from the Court of Russia to this Government?

Lord Palmerston

had no objection to answer the question put by his noble friend. No such communication as that mentioned by his noble friend had been made by the government of Russia to his Majesty's Government.

The House went into Committee on the