HC Deb 21 March 1834 vol 22 c522

Bills. Read a first time:—Spring Quarter Sessions.—Read a third time:—Consolidated Fund; Smuggling Act Amendment Indemnity.

Petitions presented. By Mr. EWART, from Liverpool; and Mr. TOOKE, from Chelmsford, &c.,—for preventing Children being Employed in Sweeping Chimneys.—By Mr. BAINES, from the Hand-Loom Weavers of Tildesley, for Relief, and for a Board of Trade.—By Messrs. PHILPOTTS and BELL, from Hexham, &c.,—for the Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—By Mr. PIGOT, from Albrighton, for the Repeal of the Malt Tax.—By Lord HENNIKER, Captain WINNINGTON, and Messrs. COTES, WILKS, and BAINES, from a Number of Dissenting Congregations for Relief to the Dissenters.