HC Deb 11 March 1834 vol 22 cc78-9
Mr. Spring Rice:

In rising to move for a Call of the House on the occasions of the Motions of the 15th and 22nd of April, for an investigation of the Union with Ireland, he had to apologise for the terms in which he had given his notice of Motion; but that circumstance arose from the notices on the look—the one being for the 15th of April, and the next for the 22nd of April, for a Se- lect Committee to inquire into, and to report the means by which the Repeal of the Union might be effected, &c. Now, he wished to know which Motion was to come on?

Mr. O'Dwyer:


Mr. Rice:

Then he would move, that this House be called over on both occasions. He knew it was unpopular to move a Call of the House; but he trusted he should stand excused, in resolving, that the call should be enforced on each occasion.

Mr. O'Dwyer

hoped the House would be called over. His own Motion stood for the 15th April.

Sir Robert Peel

hoped that his right hon. friend would show sufficient confidence in the House, thus far, that if the first Motion to which his notice referred were not carried, there could be no fear for the second.

Mr. Rice

said, he would not object to suspend the Motion of a Call of the House on a second notice of Motion, at the present moment, as he only wanted to have one full discussion, which he thought would be sufficient. But, he might find that the question fixed for the 15th was abandoned. If, then, the discussion for the 15th was not brought on on that day, he would move a Call of the House for the 22nd.

House ordered to be called over on the 15th of April.