HC Deb 05 March 1834 vol 21 c1144

New Writ ordered. On the Motion of Sir JOHN WROTTESLEY, for Paisley.

Bills. Read a first time:—Foreign Enlistment Act Repeal.—Read a second time:—Mutiny; Sugar Duties; and Equitable Apportionments.—Read a third time:—North American Postage.

Petitions presented. By Messrs. STRICKLAND, GROTE, BAINES, GREENE, G. W. WOOD, AND PEASE, LORDS LCMLEY and MORPETH, AND SIR R. FERGUSON, from a Number of Places, for Relief to the Dissenters.—By Mr. DUNCOMBE, from a Number of Places, for Relief to the Agricultural Interest; and against any Alteration in the Com Laws.—By Sir THOMAS FREEMANTLE, from Stafford, against the Stafford Disfranchisement Bill.—By Mr. R. WALLACE, from Glasgow, for the Abolition of the Corn Laws; and from Eaglesham, for Relief to the Hand-loom Weavers.—By Mr. JOHNSTON, from one Place, against the Existing System of Church Patronage in Scotland.—By Colonel LETTH HAY, from the Shipowners of Peterhead, for the Repeal of the Reciprocity of Duties Act.—By Mr. CHARLES FITZSIMON, from two Places, for the Repeal of the Union; and from St. George's, Dublin, that the Provisions of the Valuation Act may be Extended to them.—By Sir RONALD FERGUSON, from Nottingham, for the Repeal of the Corn Laws; and from Kenilworth, that the Elective Franchise of Warwick may be Extended to that Place.—By Mr. PEASE, from Hillsborough, for Mitigating the Penal Law for Offences against Property.—By Mr. CHICHESTER, from the Deanery of Craven, against any Measure tending to weaken the Efficiency of the Established Church—By Mr. FEARGUS O'CONNOR, from Rolleston, for the Abolition of Tithes.—By Mr. HALCOMBK, from Carrickfergus, against the Disfranchisement Bill.—By Mr. LITTLETON, from Lannock, against any Measures injurious to the Interests of the Established Church.