HC Deb 26 June 1834 vol 24 cc891-2

The Solicitor General moved, "That the House do resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider of providing compensation out of the County-rates to officers who may be deprived of the emoluments of their offices by the Central Criminal Courts' Bill."

Mr. Hume

begged to ask the hon. and learned Gentleman, first, what he assumed the expense of the establishment at present to be? secondly, what the prospective expense would be? and, thirdly, at what period the salaries should be taken as a criterion for the compensation to be given to the officers who should be discharged in consequence of the Bill? He doubted the policy of allowing the Lords of the Treasury to interfere with the County-rates, which were properly placed solely under the control of the Magistrates.

Mr. Hughes Hughes

said, it was quite necessary to allow these officers compensation.

Mr. Warburton

said, that the question was, what the income of those gentlemen was at the period of accepting their present offices, and if their income would be less after the passing of this Bill than it then was?

Mr. Aglionby

hoped, that the House would consider well before they adopted the principle of compensation in this case. In his opinion, they were not entitled to compensation, for they accepted of the offices for better for worse, and were, therefore, bound to abide by them, whether they rose or fell.

The House divided: Ayes 14; Noes 27 —Majority 13.

List of the AYES.
Baring, F. Pryme, G.
Campbell, Sir J. Rotch, B.
Denison, W. J. Shaw, F.
Elliot, Hon. G. Thompson, P. B.
Howick, Lord Williamson, Sir H.
Littleton, J. E.
Marten, J. Hughes, Hughes
Peter, W. Pepys. Sir C. C.
List of the No.
Aglionby, H. A. Ruthven, E. S.
Beauclerk, Major Ruthven, E. J.
Blake, M. Scholefield, J.
Briscoe, J. Scrope, G. P.
Brotherton, J. Shaw, R. N.
Curteis, H. B. Stanley, Hon. H. I.
Curteis, E. B. Talbot, C. R. M.
Dillwyn, L. W. Thicknesse, R.
Forster, C. Trelawney, Sir W. L.
Martin, J. Verney, Sir H.
O'Brien, C. Wallace, R.
O'Reilly, W. Warburton, H.
Pease, J. TELLERS.
Philips, M. Hawes, B.
Potter, R. Hume, Joseph