HC Deb 16 June 1834 vol 24 c440

New Writs ordered. On the Motion of Mr. CHARLES WOOD, for Chatham, in the room of W. L. MABERLEY, Esq., Commissioner of Customs; for Elgin Burghs, in the room of A. L. HAY, Esq., Clerk of the Ordnance.

Bill. Read a third time:—County Coroners.

Petitions presented. By Mr. EWART, from Liverpool; and by Mr. WILES, from a Congregation in Southwark,—against the Proposed Measure of Church Rates.—By Mr. STANLEY, from St. Mary, Newington, for Protection to the Established Church.—By Sir JAMES SCARLETT, from Epsom, against the Universities' Admission Bill.—By Mr. J. MAXWELL, from Rosemarkie, in Support of the Church of Scotland.—By Sir WILLIAM HORNE, from the Debtors Confined in the Gaols of London and Middlesex, for the Abolition of Imprisonment for Debt.—By Mr. DUNCOMBE, Lord OSSULSTON, and others, from several Places,—against the Claims of the Dissenters.—By Mr. FAZAKERLEY, from Stoodley, against the Separation of Church and State.—By the LORD ADVOCATE, from the General Assembly of Scotland, for Endowing Schools in all Highland Districts.—By Mr. FREDERICK SHAW, from the Clergy of Ireland, against Incumbents paying further Instalments on Loans for Glebe-Houses.—By Colonel ARBUTHNOT, Mr. ROBERT PALMER, and Mr. WOOD, from four Places,—against the Poor Law Amendment Bill.—By Sir ROBERT FERGUSON, from Londonderry, for an Inquiry into the Constitution of the Irish Society.—By Sir RICHARD NAGLE, from Multifarnham, for applying Tithes and Church Property towards the Support of the Church; from Kilbiggan, for the Abolition of Tithes.—By Colonel L. HAY, from Arbroath, for the Repeal of the Reciprocity of Duties Act.—By Colonel SEALE, from Torbay and Brixham, against the Importation of Foreign Fish in Foreign Vessels into the London Markets.—By Major BEAUCLERK, from the Thames Tunnel Company, for a Loan of Exchequer Bills to enable them to com- plete the Tunnel.—By Mr. LEE LEE, from Ilminster, against the General Register Bill.—By the LORD ADVOCATE, from the Presbytery of Edinburgh, for an increased Duty on Spirits; from the Schoolmasters of Aberdeen, and other Places; and by Colonel L. HAY, from those of several Places, for an Increased Stipend.—By Mr. ANDREW JOHNSTON, from St. Andrew's, against the exclusive Privileges of Corporations.—By the same, and Captain WEMYSS, from several Places, for a Better System of Church Patronage in Scotland.—By Mr. ANDREW JOHNSTONE, from Cupar, for the Repeal of the Corn Laws.—By Mr. CALLANDAR, from Fordsay, for the Support of the Church of Scotland.—By Mr. J. H. VIVIAN, from Swansea; and Mr. LEE LEE, from Wells, —for Relief to the Dissenters.—By Sir GEORGE STRICKLAND, from the Society of Friends, collectively, for the Abolition of Tithes, Church Rates, and all other Ecclesiastical Imposts.—By Mr. FREDERICK SHAW, Mr. CALLANDER, Colonel LEITH HAY, and Mr. LEE LEE, from four Places, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Mr. ANDREW JOHNSTON, from a Scottish Congregation in London, in favour of the Lord's Day Observance Bill.—By Sir EDWARD KNATCHBULL, from Peckham, against Beer-houses; and from two Places, against the Sale of Beer Act.—By Mr. HALL DARE, from St. Alban's, against the Admission of Freemen Bill.—By Messrs. ROBERT PALMER, FAZAKERLEY, ROSS, HALL DARE, DUNCOMBE, and Sir EDWARD KNATCHBULL, from several Places,—for Protection to the Established Church.—By Sir ROBERT BATESON, from Drumachose, against the Mal-appropriation of the Money levied under the Cholera Prevention Act; from Newtownlimavady, and by Mr. A. SANFORD, from three Places, against Drunkenness.—By Mr. FITZSIMON, from Balbriggan, for Inquiry and Relief to the Irish Fisheries; from two Places, against the Road (Ireland) Act Amendment Bill.—By Mr. HALFORD, and Mr. HUGHES HUGHES, from several Places, against the Universities Admission Bill.