HC Deb 13 June 1834 vol 24 c421

Bills. Read a first time:—Sales of Tea.—Read a second time:—Court of Chancery (Ireland); County Bridges (Ireland); Greenwich Hospital Annuity.—Read a third time:—Escheats; Valuation of Counties (Ireland).

Petitions presented. By Mr. ROBINSON, from All Saints, Worcester, for Protection to the Established Church.—By Mr. SHAWE, from Debenham, against the Proposed Measure of Church Rates.—By Mr. ROBARTS, from Maidstone, against the Poor Law Amendment Bill.—By Sir HENRY PARNELL, from Dundee, for Amending the Tea Duties Act.—By Lord FORDWICH, from Canterbury, for the Removal of the Civil Disabilities of the Jews.—By Mr. ROEBUCK, from Journeymen and others of the Metropolis, for Repealing the Restrictive Laws with regard to the Sabbath; from Dumfries, for Relief to the Polish Exiles.—By Mr. HUME, from Balmerino, for the Repeal of the Taxes on Knowledge and Trade; from the Medical Practitioners of Ayr, for an Inquiry into the State of the Profession; from St. Mary, Islington, for Prohibiting the Employment of Children in Cleaning Chimneys; from the Debtors in the four Courts Dublin, for Extending the Bill for the Abolition of Imprisonment for Debt to Ireland; from the Tobacco Manufacturers of London, against the Importation of the Dressed Weed; from Montrose, for Abolishing the Privileges vested in Corporate Bodies; from two Places, in favour of Triennial Parliaments; from the Linen Weavers of Brechin, for a fixed Rate of Wages; from Forfar, for the Repeal of the Corn Laws; from St. James's, Clerkenwell, for Placing the Control of the Police Force in the Vestry of each Parish; from Uxbridge, against Pluralities and Non-residence, and against the Bishops having Seats in the Upper House.—By Mr. BAINES, from East Retford, for the Better Observance of the Lord's Day; and by Sir RONALD FERGUSON, from Londonderry, for Extending the Legislative Measure to that effect to Ireland.—By Lord HENNIKER, Sir ROBERT INGLIS, and Mr. GOULBURN, from several Places, against the Separation of Church and State; by the same, from several Places, against the Claims of the Dissenters.—By Mr. FEARGUS O'CONNOR, from Kilcar, Dungannon, and Banagher, against Tithes, and from the first Place, for the Repeal of the Union.—By Mr. EMERSON TENNENT, from Belfast, for the Repeal of the Duty on Cotton; and from the Bakers of Belfast, for a fixed Standard of Weight.—By Mr. GOULBURN, from Cambridge University, against the Admission of Dissenters.—By Sir ROBERT INGLIS, and Messrs. MOSTYN, K. TYNTE, BELL, DUGDALE, and GOULBURN, from a Number of Places, against the University Admission Bill.—By Mr. PARROT, from several Places, against the Poor Law Amendment Bill.—By Mr. SHAW MACKENZIE, from several Places, for Protection to the Church of Scotland; from the Parochial Schoolmasters of Lewis, for an increased Stipend.—By Mr. TOOKE, from Breage, against the English Tithe Commutation Bill.—By Mr. R. GRANT, from several Metropolitan Parishes, for Assessing all extra-parochial Places, towards the Maintenance of the Poor.—By Mr. WILES, from Boston, for transferring all Church Property to the National Creditors towards the Liquidation of the National Debt.—By Messrs. HAWES, WILES, and BAINES, from several Dissenting Congregations,—for Relief to the Dissenters.—By General SHARPE, and Mr. HAWES, from two Dissenting Congregations, against the Proposed Measure of Church Rates.—By Lord DUDLEY STUART, from two Places, for an Alteration in the present System of Church Patronage in Scotland.—By Lord HENNIKER, Sir JOHN TYRELL, Sir ROBERT INGLIS, and Messrs. E. STANLEY, DUGDALE, and ROOPER, from a Number of Places,—for Protection to the Church of England.