HC Deb 11 June 1834 vol 24 cc382-3

Mr. Robert Grant moved, that the Jewish Civil Disabilities Bill be read a third time.

Mr. Shaw

thought that the right hon. Gentleman had done sufficient in presenting a petition in favour of the Bill without proceeding with it to-night. The right hon. Gentleman must be fully aware that at that late hour many hon. Gentlemen were absent who were opposed to the Bill. He knew that the hon. Baronet, the member for the University of Oxford, was anxious to state his objections to it.

Mr. Robert Grant

said, that he was in the hands of the House, but was most anxious to go on. He had stated to the hon. member for the University of Oxford that he could not consent to postpone the third reading of the Bill. Ample opportunity had been afforded for discussing it, and he did not recollect any measure of importance having gone through the House with so little opposition.

Mr. Hume

put it to the hon. and learned Member (Mr. Shaw) whether it was probable, after the discussions that had taken place, that there was any probability of offering anything like a successful opposition to the Bill.

Mr. Cumming Bruce

had always been opposed to a Bill of this nature, and had divided the House upon it more than once. He thought that the right hon. Gentleman was acting unfairly in persisting in the third reading at that late hour. He (Mr. Bruce) thought the Bill of so much importance that he would put in practice the mode of proceeding suggested by the hon. member for Middlesex on another Bill in the early part of the evening, and persist in dividing the House on the Question. The hon. Member moved, that the House do adjourn.

The House divided: Ayes 14; Noes 50 —Majority 36.

List of the AYES.
Agnew, Sir A. Heniker, Lord
Bethell, R. Knatchbull, Sir E.
Calcraft, J. H. Mandeville, Lord
Finch, G. Plumptre, J. P.
Forster, C. S. Shaw, F.
Gladstone, W.
Greene, T. TELLERS.
Hay, Sir J. Burrell, Sir C.
Hawkes, E. Bruce, C.

The Bill was read a third time and passed.