HC Deb 22 July 1834 vol 25 c347

Lord Sandon moved for Copies of all the correspondence between the Board of Trade and the Boards of Customs and Excise, on the subject of extending to inland towns the privilege of bonding or warehousing. The noble Lord observed, that he would not enter into the details of a subject which was so soon to be brought before the House. He wished to inquire of the noble Lord (the Chancellor of the Exchequer) however, whether it was the intention of Government to persevere in making alterations, which would so much interfere with very valuable properties in many towns, Liverpool amongst the number.

Mr. Poulett Thomson

said, he would show to morrow, when the Bill was to be brought on, that the present proposition should not be adopted, as being calculated to destroy that confidence between the several Boards alluded to, and that confidence between local and inferior departments of Government and the superior, the violation of which tended to impair the public service. It was quite wrong to forestal the discussion that should take place to-morrow. He must oppose the noble Lord's Motion, as to grant it would put an end to all confidential correspondence between the Ministers and the persons under them.

The Motion was withdrawn.