HC Deb 17 July 1834 vol 25 c58

New Writ. On the Motion of Mr. CHARLES WOOD, was moved for Sudbury, in the Place of the Right Honourable M. A. TAYLOR, deceased.

Bills. Read a second time:—General Turnpike Act Amendment; Justices of the Peace (Scotland); Excise Revenue Management; Execution of Wills; Quare Impedit Actions.—Read a third time:—Stanaries Court (Cornwall).

Petitions presented. By Mr. J. SMITH, from the West-India Dock Company, against extending the Warehousing Right to other Places.—By Mr. BANNERMAN, from; Congregation at Gilcomston, against the Ministers' Appointment (Scotland) Bill; from Frasersburgh, for a Measure to prevent the Clandestine Emigration of Debtors; from Aberdeen, against Drunkenness.—By Sir ROBERT INGLIS, and Mr. HALFORD, from a Number of Places,—for Protection to the Established Church.—By Lord MILTON, from the Landowners of Northampton, against any Alteration in the Corn-Laws.—By Mr. RUTHVEN, from St. Bridget's, Dublin, for accelerating the completing the New Assessment.—By Mr. M. ATTWOOD, from Workington, against the Merchant Seamen's Registration Bill; from Whitehaven, against the Reciprocity Duties; and from the same, against Drunkenness.