HC Deb 07 July 1834 vol 24 c1222

Bills. Read a first time:—Four Courts, Dublin; and Turnpike Acts Continuance (Ireland).

Petitions presented. By Mr. WILLIAM DUNCOMBE, Mr. MILES, Mr. WILBRAHAM, and Earl JERMYN, from Spilsby, and other Places,—for Support to the Church of England.—By Mr. PELHAM, from Horncastle, against the Church Rates Bill.—By Mr. MILES, from Congressbury; and by Mr. F. PALMER, from Reading,—against the Amendment of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Mr. DUGDALE, from Tamworth, for the issue of 1l. Notes.—By Mr. DUGDALE, Mr. PELHAM, Mr. WILLIAM DUNCOMBE, Lord ROBERT MANNERS, and Mr. HALFORD, from several Places,—for Relief to the Agriculturists—By Mr. H. MAXWELL, and Mr. LEFROY, from several Places in Ireland,—in favour of the Established Church of Ireland.—By Mr. R. STEUART, from Haddington, against the Bankrupts (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. DAVENPORT, from Wesleyans at Burslem, for Relief to the Dissenters, and for a General Registration; and by Mr. PELHAM, from Manufacturers at Cleckeaton, for the Repeal of Duty on Olive Oil; and from Lincoln, for the Removal of all Restrictions on Silver payments.