HC Deb 02 August 1834 vol 25 cc908-9

On the Motion of Mr. Littleton, the House went into a Committee of the whole House on the Church Temporalities (Ireland) Bill; several Clauses were agreed to.

Colonel Perceval

then rose to move the Amendment of which he had given notice, for the purpose of limiting the emoluments of the Solicitor of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to 1000l.as the maximum. He could assert, from the very best authority, that the emoluments of the Solicitor would swallow up the revenues of one or two of the suppressed bishoprics. He had already moved for a return of the number of offices held by this Solicitor; and although that return would not take ten minutes to make out, it had not yet been made. He understood, that this gentleman was Solicitor to the Board of Education, to the Charities' Commission, and other public bodies; and he trusted no objection would be made to his Amendment.

The Clause was agreed to, and the House resumed. Bill reported.

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