HC Deb 25 April 1834 vol 23 c1

Bill. Read a first time:—For the Relief of his Majesty's Jewish Subjects.

Petitions presented. By Lord GEORGE SOMERSET, from Monmouth, in favour of the Connexion between Church and State; and from Newport, against the Misappropriation of the Sums raised for Light-House Dues.—By Mr. GROTE, from Great Parnden, for an Alteration in the Tithe System.—By Colonel DAVIES, Sir JAMES SCARLETT, Lord GRIMSTONE, and Messrs. HALL, FLEETWOOD, PARKER, and WEYLAND, from a Number of Places,—for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Admiral FLEMING, from the Hand-Loom Weavers of Cumberland; and by Mr. H. FLEETWOOD, from those of Preston,—for Relief.—By Mr. O'DWYER, from Drogheda, for making it Unlawful for Pawnbrokers to lend Money on Manufacturing Materials.—By Mr. O'DWYER, Mr. W. ROCHE, and Mr. C. FITZSIMON, from several Places,—for the Repeal of the Union.—By Messrs. G. F. YOUNG, PARKER, FLEETWOOD, PENDARVES, and CHILDERS, from a Number of Dissenting Congregations,—for Relief to the Dissenters.—By Mr. PARKER, from Sheffield, against exacting Sixpence from Merchant Seamen, for the Support of Greenwich Hospital; and from the same Place, for an Inquiry into the State of the Medical Profession.—By Mr. HALL, from the Baptists of Newport, against the Dissenters' Marriages Bill.—By Mr. HEATHCOTE, from several Places, for Amending and Continuing the Labour-Rate Act.—By Mr. HODGES, from Llanally, for the Abolishing of Tithes; for a Reform of the Abuses in and Support to the Established Church.—By Mr. STAVELY, from Ripon, for the Amendment of the Reform Act, and for Vote by Ballot.