HC Deb 17 April 1834 vol 22 cc872-3
Mr. Secretary Stanley

brought down the following Message from the Crown:— 'WILLIAM R. 'His Majesty acquaints the House of Commons, that, having taken into his consideration the present state of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath, he deems it proper that measures should be taken for regulating and limiting the number of the members of the several classes, as well as for the purpose of relieving persons, upon whom, in future, this distinction shall be conferred, from the payment of fees and charges, as authorised by the existing standards and regulations. His Majesty makes this communication, in the perfect confidence that his faithful Commons will direct due in- quiries to be instituted as to the losses to be sustained by the respective officers interested in the fees, and enable his Majesty to award to them such compensation as may be judged expedient.' On the Motion of Mr. Secretary Stanley, it was ordered that the House should take the Royal Message into consideration to-morrow, and that it should resolve itself into a Committee for the purpose.