HC Deb 30 May 1833 vol 18 c108

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. Alderman THOMPSON, a Return of all Foreign Wines and Spirits, Imported for Home Consumption in the last ten years, of all Foreign Wines and Spirits Exported, and of all such remaining in Bond on the 5th January, 1835.—On the Motion of Lord LOWTHER, an Account of the Number of Tons of Coal Exported from the Ports of the United Kingdom to the Mediterranean, from the commencement of the Act 1st and 2nd William 4th, cap. 16, to the latest period.—On the Motion of Mr. PARKER, a Return of the Weight of Wrought Silver Plate Manufactured in Great Britain and Ireland, from 1803 to 1813, and from 1823 to 1833: also the Weight upon which the Export Drawback has been allowed in those periods respectively.—On the Motion of Mr. Sergeant PERR in, an Account of the Number of Persons Tried at the last Spring Assizes, in the Counties of Monaghan, Armagh, Antrim, and Down, and how disposed of, with other Circumstances concerning the said Assizes.

Bills. Read a second time:—Consolidated Fund; Stamp Duties; Dramatic Performances.

Petitions presented. By the SOLICITOR GENERAL, Captain BAYNTUN, and Messrs. MACAULAY, FOWELL BUXTON, H. ROSS, DAVENPORT, BISH, J. SMITH, RICHARDS, PEASE, COOKES, and HARCOURT, and an HON. MEMBER, from a great Number of Places,—against Slavery.—By Sir F. BLAKE, from Galway, for Compensation to the Slave Owners.—By Lord GRIMSTON, Admiral FLEMING an HON. MEMBER, and Messrs. WARD, H. ROSS, and HARCOURT, from several Places,—for the Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—By Mr. METHUEN, from Cowham, for the Amendment of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Mr. BUCKINGHAM, from Sheffield, for the Repeal of the Corn Laws.—By Mr. Alderman THOMPSON, from the Shipwrights of Sunderland, against Unequal Taxation on Ship Building Materials.—By Colonel SEALE, from Dartmouth, for an Inquiry into the State of the Shipping Interest—By Sir CHARLES COOTE, from Queen's County, for ail Alteration in the Grand Juries (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. SLANEY, from Shrewsbury, for an Inquiry into the Incorporated Companies of that Town.—By Captain BAYNTUN, from a Dissenting Congregation of York, in favour of the Parochial Rates Exemption Bill.—By Mr. PEASE, from Darlington, and other Places, against the General Register Bill.—By Mr. WARD, from Hertford, against a System of Terror practised in that Borough by a Party—By Mr. STRICKLAND, from the Woollen Manufectures of the West Riding of Yorkshire, against the Act 1st George 1st, cap. 23.—By Mr. BUCKINGHAM, from Sheffield; and Colonels EVANS, and GORE LANGTON, from Hastings and St. Leonard's,—against the Assessed Taxes.—By Mr. RICHARDS, from the Licensed Victuallers of Harrowgate, to place them on the same Footing with other Shopkeepers in regard to the Assessed Taxes.—By Mr. BUCKINGHAM, from the Political Union of Sheffield, against the Malt Tax.—By Mr. DIVETT, from Launeells, near Stratton, for an Inquiry into the Administration of certain Charitable Bequests to the Poor of that Parish.—By Lord DALMENY, from Dunfermline, for an Alteration in the Scotch Reform Bill.—By Mr. GASKKLL, from two Places, for the Liberation of Robert Taylor.—By Lord GRIMSTON, from Sherley, in favour of the Factories' Regulation Bill.—By Mr. H. Ross, from Dundee, and other Places in Scotland, in favour of Irish Church Reform; and by the same, and Admiral FLEMING, from several Places, for an Alteration in the Existing System of Church Patronage in Scotland; and also by Mr. Ross, from a great Number of Places in Scotland, for Alterations in the Royal Burgh's (Scotland) Bill.